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Sometimes the best worship music sounds nothing like worship music. For this special Advent episode of the ALT podcast, I flew up to New York City to hang with two musical artists who are writing some of the most interesting liturgical music I’ve ever heard. Eric Marshall (of Young Oceans) & David Gungor (of The Brilliance) are […]


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Christian Nationalism & the Liturgy of the Empire: is American Evangelicalism the way of the Kingdom? On the 13th episode of the ALT podcast, charismatic pastor Brian Zahnd shares his story & unpacks all sorts of goodness. Brian is the pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, Missouri. He’s also authored a few books, such […]

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  • Chasing Francis

    For the past few years, I’ve felt like a pilgrim on a journey towards a far off, distant land. I am feeling less & less at home in the current church culture. I am longing for something more…something new. Fresh revelations coupled with new & deeper expressions of worship. A Church that is Christ-centered in […]

  • Entertainment vs Art

    When teaching about VJ-ing and designing visually engaging experiences, I often hear people voice their greatest fear: that their church’s visual expression will be perceived as a performance and not worship. It’s pretty clear to me that the new cardinal sin on the block is that worship becomes entertainment. And I would have to agree. […]

  • A Neo-Liturgical Soundtrack

    (continued from “A Neo-Liturgical Convergence”) I heard Jeremy Begbie (my new hero) speak at a conference recently, and he shed some light on a growing frustration I’ve felt with today’s contemporary, modern worship landscape. “The emotional bandwidth of today’s worship music is very narrow.”  I would say the same goes for most of today’s worship media. […]

  • Projections in a Forest

    I’ve seen a lot of projection mapping videos over the years. And I have to say, this one is perhaps one of the most impressive I’ve seen. It’s like the bioluminescence in the movie Avatar… but in real life! Most projection mapping is done on a large-scale using massive canvases, such as entire walls & buildings. Yet this […]

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