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We Are the Dreamers

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“Awake, awake all you dreamers. Awake, awake and be free to dream the dreams of Him who was slain, who was beaten. The warring of a Lamb who can never be defeated.  Wake up all you dreamers, Sing your songs of freedom.” ~ Daniel Bashta, “Dreamers” A few years ago, some dreamers gathered around this little fire-pit in my […]

STATIONS OF THE CROSS: a story of ancient visuals for modern worship Bradley Hodges is a visual worship leader from Alabama who has greatly inspired me this past year. He & his church have been using my “Stations of the Cross” collection, & they’ve been so moved by the idea of the stations that they commissioned an artist to […]

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  • A Neo-Liturgical Soundtrack

    (continued from “A Neo-Liturgical Convergence”) I heard Jeremy Begbie (my new hero) speak at a conference recently, and he shed some light on a growing frustration I’ve felt with today’s contemporary, modern worship landscape. “The emotional bandwidth of today’s worship music is very narrow.”  I would say the same goes for most of today’s worship media. […]

  • Visual Silence

    In honor of Lent, I want to talk about one of the beautiful, mysterious aspects of visual worship that excites me greatly…Visual Silence. Over the years, I have learned to value moments of visual silence. This has meant scaling back the level of visual intensity and taking a “less is more” approach. After all, I’m […]

  • Why is Visual Worship Important?

    A few months ago, Chris Vacher (a worship pastor from Ontario, Canada) emailed me to tell me about a new tech conference he was a part of called RECONNECT. Reconnect just took place this weekend, and according to all the #RTC12 tweets, it looks like it was a really great gathering of tech directors, artists, leaders […]

  • A Church for Artists (Part One)

      I A few weeks ago, I sat down with Chad Jarnagin (creator of the LuminousProject) & Brett Mabury (my worship arts pastor from Journey). These two older brothers inspire me greatly. We spent hours processing & dreaming out loud. We sense a stirring of the Spirit. I know a few of you sense it, as well. […]

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