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We Are the Dreamers

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“Awake, awake all you dreamers. Awake, awake and be free to dream the dreams of Him who was slain, who was beaten. The warring of a Lamb who can never be defeated.  Wake up all you dreamers, Sing your songs of freedom.” ~ Daniel Bashta, “Dreamers” A few years ago, some dreamers gathered around this little fire-pit in my […]

STATIONS OF THE CROSS: a story of ancient visuals for modern worship Bradley Hodges is a visual worship leader from Alabama who has greatly inspired me this past year. He & his church have been using my “Stations of the Cross” collection, & they’ve been so moved by the idea of the stations that they commissioned an artist to […]

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  • Carts + Cynics

    PRELUDE Last week I was out in SoCal with a group of friends for the Nat’l Worship Leaders Conference. During one session, both Glenn Packiam & Ian Cron gave keynotes back to back. Both of their messages cut right to the heart of something many of us feel is plaguing the modern evangelical Church. There’s […]

  • A New Liturgy

    I’ve been thinking and reading a lot on liturgical worship lately, and I’m realizing more and more how this deep approach to community worship is lacking in our “relevant” & “modern” approaches. I grew up Southern Baptist… and I am really thankful for my up-bringing and the heritage I come from. Though it definitely has […]

  • illuminate: a visual workshop

    Today, I’m thrilled to announce a brand new resource that I hope will fuel your visual worship journey! If you’ve read “The Guidebook for Visual Worship”, this workshop will feel like the next natural step. But even if you haven’t read it, you’ll still gain a greater vision of visual worship & can read the […]

  • Grace (by Beth Moore)

    One of my favorite people in the world is Beth Moore. I remember the first time I heard her speak; it was at Passion’s OneDay gathering in 2000. The way she communicated truth had such a gentle yet bold authority about it. Her messages have continued to impact & shape my faith for years. In […]

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Authored by Stephen Proctor. Training for visual worship leaders. "A Guidebook for Visual Worship" (newly revised edition!) + "Illuminate: tales of visual worship" releasing this fall!

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