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Sometimes the best worship music sounds nothing like worship music. For this special Advent episode of the ALT podcast, I flew up to New York City to hang with two musical artists who are writing some of the most interesting liturgical music I’ve ever heard. Eric Marshall (of Young Oceans) & David Gungor (of The Brilliance) are […]


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Christian Nationalism & the Liturgy of the Empire: is American Evangelicalism the way of the Kingdom? On the 13th episode of the ALT podcast, charismatic pastor Brian Zahnd shares his story & unpacks all sorts of goodness. Brian is the pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, Missouri. He’s also authored a few books, such […]

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  • My Favorite Projector

    For a few years, I’ve been obsessed with Hitachi’s “Ultra Short Throw” projector line. That doesn’t mean it’s the best & brightest out there… it fails in comparison to some of the luminous beasts out there… but for what I need & how I work, it’s been the best option.  The best way to describe what I […]

  • The Vision of the Visual Worship Tribe

    Creative projection is just a trend. But visual worship is a movement. For the last decade, a tribe has been forming around the radical notion that we can worship through what we see. Our tribe is made up of tech artists, creative directors, worship leaders, engineers, graphic designers, filmmakers, storytellers, volunteers, projection wizards, lighting gurus, […]

  • Struggling With Technology

    I was emailed a great question a few weeks ago. It was from Chris Walker in Michigan, who hosted Aaron Niequist & me a few months ago (when we led “A New Liturgy” at his church). His question: “I wonder (hopefully not offensive here), do you struggle with the technology aspect of what you do, […]


    The Great Tradition preserved & celebrated in liturgical churches continue to intrigue & inspire me… not only my imagination but also my understanding of visual worship & all the PowerPoint backgrounds that go with it. Two books I’ve been diving into lately are “The Anglican Way” by Fr Thomas McKenzie & “Icons: Reading Sacred Images” by Fr John […]

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ProPresenter & ProVideoPlayer 2 are my go-to apps for projection. I've also created a handful of digital illuminations, many of which come FREE with the purchase of software.

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"The Guidebook for Visual Worship" & the Visual Workshop series are designed to train & inspire your visual worship team.

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