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Sometimes the best worship music sounds nothing like worship music. For this special Advent episode of the ALT podcast, I flew up to New York City to hang with two musical artists who are writing some of the most interesting liturgical music I’ve ever heard. Eric Marshall (of Young Oceans) & David Gungor (of The Brilliance) are […]


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Christian Nationalism & the Liturgy of the Empire: is American Evangelicalism the way of the Kingdom? On the 13th episode of the ALT podcast, charismatic pastor Brian Zahnd shares his story & unpacks all sorts of goodness. Brian is the pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, Missouri. He’s also authored a few books, such […]

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  • Why is Visual Worship Important?

    A few months ago, Chris Vacher (a worship pastor from Ontario, Canada) emailed me to tell me about a new tech conference he was a part of called RECONNECT. Reconnect just took place this weekend, and according to all the #RTC12 tweets, it looks like it was a really great gathering of tech directors, artists, leaders […]

  • My Favorite Projector

    For a few years, I’ve been obsessed with Hitachi’s “Ultra Short Throw” projector line. That doesn’t mean it’s the best & brightest out there… it fails in comparison to some of the luminous beasts out there… but for what I need & how I work, it’s been the best option.  The best way to describe what I […]

  • A Story of the Stations

    STATIONS OF THE CROSS: a story of ancient visuals for modern worship Bradley Hodges is a visual worship leader from Alabama who has greatly inspired me this past year. He & his church have been using my “Stations of the Cross” collection, & they’ve been so moved by the idea of the stations that they commissioned an artist to […]

  • Chasing Francis

    For the past few years, I’ve felt like a pilgrim on a journey towards a far off, distant land. I am feeling less & less at home in the current church culture. I am longing for something more…something new. Fresh revelations coupled with new & deeper expressions of worship. A Church that is Christ-centered in […]

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ProPresenter & ProVideoPlayer 2 are my go-to apps for projection. I've also created a handful of digital illuminations, many of which come FREE with the purchase of software.

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"The Guidebook for Visual Worship" & the Visual Workshop series are designed to train & inspire your visual worship team.

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