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Creative projection is just a trend. But visual worship is a movement. For the last decade, a tribe has been forming around the radical notion that we can worship through what we see. Our tribe is made up of tech artists, creative directors, worship leaders, engineers, graphic designers, filmmakers, storytellers, volunteers, projection wizards, lighting gurus, […]

Many of you reading this article series may not find yourself in an “arty” type of community, and that’s ok. Not every community is designed to be the same. And not every church’s expression has to be filled to the brim with art. If every church was the same, how boring that would be! However, if […]

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  • A Neo-Liturgical Soundtrack

    (continued from “A Neo-Liturgical Convergence”) I heard Jeremy Begbie (my new hero) speak at a conference recently, and he shed some light on a growing frustration I’ve felt with today’s contemporary, modern worship landscape. “The emotional bandwidth of today’s worship music is very narrow.”  I would say the same goes for most of today’s worship media. […]

  • A Church for Artists (Part One)

      I A few weeks ago, I sat down with Chad Jarnagin (creator of the LuminousProject) & Brett Mabury (my worship arts pastor from Journey). These two older brothers inspire me greatly. We spent hours processing & dreaming out loud. We sense a stirring of the Spirit. I know a few of you sense it, as well. […]

  • The Mystery of Faith

    Once in a while, I come across a book that deepens my understanding of worship in a way that changes the whole game. Not only does it grow & challenge me personally, but it directly affects my philosophy & theology of visual worship. I’m adding Glenn Packiam’s “Discovery the Mystery of Faith” to that short list […]

  • Live DVD Projects

    Two live CD/DVD projects that I had the unbelievable privilege to work on have recently released. These projects not only capture incredible new worship music, but their companion DVDs capture the live visual environments & show very different approaches to what leading visual worship can look like! Darlene Zschech “Mother of Modern Worship” Well, at least […]

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