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As I said in Stage 3, we have a weekly gathering called the “Arts Collective.”  This is a time set aside to nurture the souls of our artists. The purpose is not to create but to intentionally invest in our companionship with Jesus & one another as our God-designed artistic purpose is illuminated. Out of […]

In the past few years, I’ve experienced a major shift in my approach toward multimedia in worship. That shift has looked a little like this: going from motion “backgrounds” for every song to curating “illuminations” that tell a story throughout the entire service. There’s nothing wrong with the old way. In fact, I still use […]

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  • Hipsters with Projectors

    Almost every day of the week, someone is tweeting me a link to an INSANELY ARTISTIC video of projection mapping. Some I’ve seen and some I haven’t. But for some reason, this week was different. The videos sent to me were truly mind-blowing. I mean, the reality is, once you’ve seen a few projection mapping […]

  • The Visual Liturgist

    I’ve just spent the past few weeks teaching workshops at various conferences, such as NWLC & ECHO. One of the classes I taught focused on a concept I’ve been practicing called “visual liturgy.” This is in essence the art of storytelling as it relates to a worship gathering. It’s the ancient practice of using visuals […]

  • Illuminating Worship Leader Magazine

    November’s issue of Worship Leader Magazine is all about… VISUAL WORSHIP! I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to see the “visual worship conversation” spread to so many places and to be embraced by the world of (musical) worship leaders. Though visual worship is usually stewarded from the shadows and led off-stage from the […]

  • Anything But Progressive

    So I had all these tweets composed and lined up to send, but I hesitated. Honestly, Twitter is driving me nuts lately. I believe in tweeting both fun & thoughtful/inspirational ideas & links to stories/videos, but sometimes it feels like tweeting them is just adding to the noise; they will be quickly forgotten. I love & […]

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