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Creative projection is just a trend. But visual worship is a movement. For the last decade, a tribe has been forming around the radical notion that we can worship through what we see. Our tribe is made up of tech artists, creative directors, worship leaders, engineers, graphic designers, filmmakers, storytellers, volunteers, projection wizards, lighting gurus, […]

Many of you reading this article series may not find yourself in an “arty” type of community, and that’s ok. Not every community is designed to be the same. And not every church’s expression has to be filled to the brim with art. If every church was the same, how boring that would be! However, if […]

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  • illuminate: a visual workshop

    Today, I’m thrilled to announce a brand new resource that I hope will fuel your visual worship journey! If you’ve read “The Guidebook for Visual Worship”, this workshop will feel like the next natural step. But even if you haven’t read it, you’ll still gain a greater vision of visual worship & can read the […]

  • Implementing Environmental Projection

      I love to hear pastors, worship leaders, artists & theologians speak on the power of visuals in worship. It fires me up way more than all the tech-talk, and it shows that we’re not just a bunch of kids playing around with toys because we’re bored or something. There is something very deep & […]

  • An Assortment of Illuminations

    For years I’ve been slowly collecting images from my travels around the world. Anytime I came across an interesting texture, pattern or scene that I saw potential in, I would pause to capture it. United Arab Emirates. Thailand. New Zealand. Brazil. England. And random places in between. Even Hobbiton! These images reflect the world I’ve […]

  • Entertainment vs Art

    When teaching about VJ-ing and designing visually engaging experiences, I often hear people voice their greatest fear: that their church’s visual expression will be perceived as a performance and not worship. It’s pretty clear to me that the new cardinal sin on the block is that worship becomes entertainment. And I would have to agree. […]

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Authored by Stephen Proctor. Training for visual worship leaders. "A Guidebook for Visual Worship" (newly revised edition!) + "Illuminate: tales of visual worship" releasing this fall!

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