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The Flat White

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It was winter in July in the year 2010. I was experiencing New Zealand in all its glory for the very first time. And one of the many great delights of this adventure was discovering a renewed love for coffee. I began drinking coffee when I was four years old. My grandmother (“Gina”) & her best friend Lucille are […]

Projections in a Forest

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I’ve seen a lot of projection mapping videos over the years. And I have to say, this one is perhaps one of the most impressive I’ve seen. It’s like the bioluminescence in the movie Avatar… but in real life! Most projection mapping is done on a large-scale using massive canvases, such as entire walls & buildings. Yet this […]

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  • Live DVD Projects

    Two live CD/DVD projects that I had the unbelievable privilege to work on have recently released. These projects not only capture incredible new worship music, but their companion DVDs capture the live visual environments & show very different approaches to what leading visual worship can look like! Darlene Zschech “Mother of Modern Worship” Well, at least […]

  • Struggling With Technology

    I was emailed a great question a few weeks ago. It was from Chris Walker in Michigan, who hosted Aaron Niequist & me a few months ago (when we led “A New Liturgy” at his church). His question: “I wonder (hopefully not offensive here), do you struggle with the technology aspect of what you do, […]

  • I Dream of Visual Worship

    I sat down with a friend over coffee, and I heard it again. “It sounds horrible, but sometimes I feel like going to church on Sunday is just wasting my time.” I have to be gut-wrenchingly-honest and confess I know precisely what he means. Perhaps some of you reading this have been struggling with the […]

  • A Church for Artists (Part One)

      I A few weeks ago, I sat down with Chad Jarnagin (creator of the LuminousProject) & Brett Mabury (my worship arts pastor from Journey). These two older brothers inspire me greatly. We spent hours processing & dreaming out loud. We sense a stirring of the Spirit. I know a few of you sense it, as well. […]

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