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ALT ep5 | Glenn Packiam

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{ lex orandi, lex credendi. }  What if the way we worship isn’t just an expression of our faith, but is part of what shapes our faith? On the 5th episode of ALT, I interview my friend Glenn Packiam, a fellow liturgical explorer who happens to be an Anglican priest serving in an evangelical church. When […]

Keith Urban Music Video

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Once in a while, I get pulled into some really random & crazy projects. And living in Nashville, the chances of those projects relating to country music are fairly high. Back in December, I got a call about a new music video for Keith Urban – & the entire concept was based on immersive projection. […]

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  • ALT podcast: an introduction

    Well guys, I finally did it. I started a podcast!!! I’m proud to introduce you to ALT: a podcast that explores the intersection of art, liturgy & technology! The landscape of modern worship in the Western Church is ever-evolving. Art is making a comeback & creativity in worship is beginning to thrive once again. There’s […]

  • The Visual Liturgist

    I’ve just spent the past few weeks teaching workshops at various conferences, such as NWLC & ECHO. One of the classes I taught focused on a concept I’ve been practicing called “visual liturgy.” This is in essence the art of storytelling as it relates to a worship gathering. It’s the ancient practice of using visuals […]

  • A New Liturgy – LIVE

    One year ago, I posted an article called “A New Liturgy” describing the beginnings of my journey as an “evangelical” on the road to more liturgical, ancient expressions of worship. The post was part of a “blog tour” promoting Aaron Niequist’s new EP series. These EPs are 25-minute journeys of worship, prayer and meditation. “A worship […]

  • The Vision of the Visual Worship Tribe

    Creative projection is just a trend. But visual worship is a movement. For the last decade, a tribe has been forming around the radical notion that we can worship through what we see. Our tribe is made up of tech artists, creative directors, worship leaders, engineers, graphic designers, filmmakers, storytellers, volunteers, projection wizards, lighting gurus, […]

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"The Guidebook for Visual Worship" & the Visual Workshop series are designed to train & inspire your visual worship team.

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