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Visual Worship. Environmental Projection. & Endless Possibilities. On the 4th episode of ALT, I interview visual worshiper Camron Ware, a projection artist & pioneer of environmental projection in the Western Church. Camron is an incredibly talented technologist whose passion & conviction for authentic worship can be clearly seen in his work. His curiosity & creativity has led […]

My Favorite Projector

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For a few years, I’ve been obsessed with Hitachi’s “Ultra Short Throw” projector line. That doesn’t mean it’s the best & brightest out there… it fails in comparison to some of the luminous beasts out there… but for what I need & how I work, it’s been the best option.  The best way to describe what I […]

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  • A Neo-Liturgical Soundtrack

    (continued from “A Neo-Liturgical Convergence”) I heard Jeremy Begbie (my new hero) speak at a conference recently, and he shed some light on a growing frustration I’ve felt with today’s contemporary, modern worship landscape. “The emotional bandwidth of today’s worship music is very narrow.”  I would say the same goes for most of today’s worship media. […]

  • Is All Art Sacred?

     “There is nothing so secular that it cannot be sacred, & that is one of the deepest messages of the Incarnation.” by Madeleine L’Engle I Two weeks ago, I wrote about GÜNGÖR’s latest project “I Am Mountain”. And I mentioned that this has been a very polarizing album. People either love it or they hate it. […]

  • Stations of the Cross

    I’ve always been into cathedrals and the idea of a worship space telling story through various aspects, such as architecture, stained glass & art. And recently, I have come to appreciate more ancient & liturgical approaches to curating worship environments. There’s just something very powerful about immersing ourselves in imagery that aims our gaze towards […]

  • On Liturgy + Icons + Sacramental Seeing

    The Great Tradition preserved & celebrated in liturgical churches continue to intrigue & inspire me… not only my imagination but also my understanding of visual worship & all the PowerPoint backgrounds that go with it. Two books I’ve been diving into lately are “The Anglican Way” by Fr Thomas McKenzie & “Icons: Reading Sacred Images” by Fr John […]

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ProPresenter & ProVideoPlayer 2 are my go-to apps for projection. I've also created a handful of digital illuminations, many of which come FREE with the purchase of software.

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"The Guidebook for Visual Worship" & the Visual Workshop series are designed to train & inspire your visual worship team.

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