The (Newly Enhanced) Guidebook for Visual Worship

So remember the “Guidebook for Visual Worship” PDF that I released back in 2011? Well, I’ve been busy on re-releasing a newly enhanced & revised edition! And it’s available NOW!!!

Guidebook Cover.001


This new edition has been visually enhanced & is best experienced on the iPad. I’ve also updated the verbiage a bit, so it might be worth a re-read.

It will be available on the iTunes/iBooks Store soon, but you can purchase it directly from this site today!

But if you’ve already purchased the Guidebook in the past (from then you should be receiving it for FREE! (check your email… if you can’t find it, then check the email address associated with your PayPal account.)

For you newbies, when you purchase the Guidebook from this site, you’ll receive a ZIP file containing both PDF & iBooks files.

The new price is $19.99.

As far as the Single User vs Group License model goes, all that goes away. Each copy you purchase is automatically a Group License!

Here’s what that means:

The Guidebook was designed to be read & processed in community. If you are a leader of a team at a church or organization, we encourage you to share this guidebook with your team either electronically or in print. But please note that this group/site license does NOT apply to campuses, satellite locations, church plants, video venues or educational institutions. Each purchased copy is restricted to one geographical location.

Here’s a few glimpses of what the new Guidebook looks like.

Guidebook Visual Worship 1 Guidebook Visual Worship 2 Guidebook Visual Worship 3

Guidebook Visual Worship 4