Where Did All the Blog Posts Go?

As I've been redesigning illuminate.us, I thought it would be nice to start with a clean slate for the "blog / articles" section. Why?

Because a lot of the information was dated. And because it was going to be a major headache to migrate all the old posts, photos & links over to a new platform. 

But I've saved all the good posts, cleaned them up, & transformed them into two eBooks:

1) I've updated "The Guidebook for Visual Worship" & re-released it as "ILLUMINATE v1 | leading visual worship" – this covers the "basics" of visual worship, from theology, philosophy, to simple design practices & recommended projectors. This eBook is FREE when you sign up for my newsletter. 

2) I'm in the process of compiling everything I've written on liturgy, visual narratives, & sacramental creativity into a new eBook titled "ILLUMINATE v2 | curating a visual liturgy". This volume will also include some new writings, specifically the chronological history of liturgical art. NOTE: I will be releasing this eBook either late 2016 or early 2017, so stay tuned by subscribing to the Newsletter. 

It feels good to start over fresh. =)

stephen proctor

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