by stephen proctor



Are you available for consulting, training or installing Environmental Projection?

There are those who build pianos and those who play pianos. And I'm more of a piano player… less of a piano builder.

If you're looking for technical expertise or for someone to permanently install Environmental Projection in your space, you've come to the wrong place. Though I know enough tech to be dangerous, you don't really want me messing with your gadgets. 

The best resource I can point you to is Visual Worshiper, run by my friend Camron Ware. His site is both a wealth of knowledge & photos, as well as a great place to start a consultation conversation.

When it comes to curating visuals & immersive projection, I love to focus on the creative, philosophical, liturgical & theological. If you're in need of basic media training & simple creative ideas, check out the resources on the LEARN page. Once you've absorbed all that & feel ready to swim in deeper waters, then let's chat!

What type of projectors do you use?

My philosophy with tech/gear is that it’s not what you use that makes a great experience but rather how you use it. With that said, for many of my projects & events, I use specialized projectors known as "ultra short throws", as well as a standard projector or two.  Hitachi is my favorite brand, but just about any decent projector will do the trick (though I would steer clear of the $400 cheapos found at places like Best Buy, unless it’s for personal use at home, and even then I would recommend this little bad boy.

I've written about the ultra short throw projector in my eBook "ILLUMINATE | leading visual worship", available on the iTunes / Apple Books Store.

Other than that, I honestly don't know a ton about projectors; I don't keep up with model numbers. So if you're looking for a techie projector expert, I'm not your guy. ;-)

Where do you get all your visuals?

And are they available for purchase? 

There's no simple answer for this. 

The visuals I use come from all over the place. I've been curating my library for well over a decade now. A few of them come from select church media sites. Some come from expensive stock media collections (many of which have been discontinued.) And then there's a few that I've created on my own, & I make those available for purchase on my new visual media licensing site: CONSTRVCT visuals

For a list of recommended sources for visuals, check out my eBook.