a podcast about art, liturgy, spirituality & everything in-between.

hosted by Stephen Proctor




For the past 15 years, I’ve worked in the world of creative production, digital projection, & experience design. I'm especially interested in the intersection of visual art & liturgical forms of worship; I like to call this intersection: visual liturgy. 

But when people ask me what I do for a living, I just tell them that it’s kind of like PowerPoint on steroids. And because a lot of this work is done in the context of church, it sparks a lot of interesting conversations about faith & technology. But no matter the cultural context, I love to curate imaginative spaces that immerse people in unexpected beauty. 

One of the main things that has shaped who I am & how I see the world is the friends I’ve met along the way. These relationships span geographical locations, cultures & even languages. And they’ve influenced my faith & worldview in ways I would have never imagined.

So I started a podcast because I couldn’t help but put a microphone in front of these creative people & share it with anyone who would listen!

We’ll talk about art, liturgy, & spirituality… but also travel, culture, church-life, & a having wonder-filled lifestyle. Because one thing I’ve learned is that it’s all tied together. 

My hope is that what they share will both inspire & challenge the way you engage art, faith & the world around you. Because that’s what they’ve done for me. 

Welcome to the ILLUMINATE podcast.