ProPresenter 6 (MODULES)

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ProPresenter 6 (MODULES)

from 199.00

These popular modules unlock the serious power of ProPresenter. 

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Purchase comes with the Visual Media Bundle (valued at $1140).

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Multi-Screen Module = $199

(for both MAC & Windows)

*Hardware required: Matrox TripleHead2Go (or DualHead2Go)

Formerly known as the “Advanced Module”, the Multi-Screen Module is a software addition to ProPresenter which requires the Matrox DualHead2Go or the Matrox TripleHead2Go products. These devices are little black boxes that connect to your computer’s display-out port and tricks your computer into thinking that it is connected to a really wide display.  The TripleHead2Go then takes this ultra-wide video signal being sent to it and splits it into three separate outputs (left, center, and right). ProPresenter has always been able to work with the TripleHead2Go, but because the computer only thought it was connected to one wide display, ProPresenter would only display text as if it was displaying to an ultra-wide display. With the Multi-Screen module, however, ProPresenter can now project videos and lyrics independently on each of the TripleHead2Go’s outputs*.


Edge Blending Module = $599

(MAC only)

*Hardware required: Matrox TripleHead2Go (or DualHead2Go)

Simply put, Edge Blending is the practice of using two or more projectors to create a single seamless image. This software module enables ProPresenter to create a seamless edge between 2 or 3 projectors, blending them perfectly to create one wide image.

Before purchasing, please be certain your system indicates it’s capable of running this module as we’re unable to offer refunds. You can find this information under both the “About ProPresenter” window and the “Registration” for the “Edge Blending Capable.”

NOTE: PLEASE ALLOW 24 HRS for us to process your order. This is NOT an instant download. We will send you an email with download & activation instructions shortly. 

Absolutely NO refunds.