Shining a light on art, liturgy & worship.

Hosted by Stephen Proctor



The landscape of modern worship in the Western Church is ever-evolving.

Art is making a comeback & creativity is beginning to thrive in many forms & varied expressions.

But at what point does "worship" begin to feel like a show? 
Is there a line between inspiring engagement & consumeristic entertainment? 
Does form matter?

These are the difficult questions we need to wrestle with. 

Our sacred spaces have been consumed by technology & concert-style production. This has become a driving force in the emotion of our experiences.

I should know... I've been doing this for over a decade. 

But there's a movement happening. Many churches are recovering & integrating ancient liturgies, sacramental practices & contemplative theology into their modern worship services.

As you can imagine, this is creating both exciting opportunities as well as challenging tensions that pastors & artists are trying to navigate.

This movement serves as the backdrop for the ILLUMINATE podcast – formerly known ALT { art x liturgy x technology }

In this space, I have honest conversations with fellow artists, liturgists, & pastors about their own journey through deconstruction. We'll talk about what their reconstructed faith looks like today. My hope is that as you listen to these stories, you'll be inspired & challenged to explore deeper & more meaningful expressions of worship, creativity, & spirituality.