by stephen proctor




This is a small library of books to help you along your journey of building up a theology of beauty, expanding your creative worship practices, understanding the world of liturgy, & making sure your slides don’t suck.


eBook  |  leading visual worship

by Stephen Proctor

This multi-media eBook will guide you on your journey to becoming a visual worship leader. From philosophy to projection design, this guidebook will give you the basic concepts & tools that I’ve found helpful in casting vision & sparking inspiration within you & your team. This eBook also makes a great resource when bringing on new volunteers & artists onto your team.

The original version of this eBook was called “A Guidebook for Visual Worship” & came in the form of a PDF. Then Apple made it super easy to publish visually-stunning, media-driven eBooks, so a few years ago, I updated the title & it’s contents to include a lot of media. Because that’s kinda helpful when talking about… visual media. =)

This eBook is made specifically for Apple Books & can only be viewed on a Mac, iPad or iPhone. 

Available for purchase on the iTunes / AppleBooks Store.

Here are few books by some priests, pastors, liturgists, guides, artists & curators –

all who have had a profound impact on my creativity & faith practices.

I’ve curated them into four different genres: liturgical, cultural, biblical, & technical

LITURGICAL : books on curating sacred spaces & recovering ancient worship practices


CULTURAL : books on creative thinking & cultural formation


BIBLICAL : illuminated scriptures & prayer books


TECHNICAL : books on projection design & visual storytelling