by stephen proctor




Workshops on the intersection of visual worship & projection design.



This 75-minute workshop will guide you through the world of visual worship.

Recorded live in New Zealand @ the Frequency Church Production Conference. 

This is the perfect companion to "ILLUMINATE | leading visual worship"

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(click the Vimeo icon to watch in fullscreen)


What does it look like to create a visual narrative for your gathering?

“The Visual Liturgist” is the continuation in a 2-part visual workshop series designed to for those who are exploring what it looks like to guide people through the beauty & wonder of the Creator using media & projection.

This 75-minute workshop was recorded live at the Frequency Church Production Conference in New Zealand. Listen to Stephen Proctor as he tells stories of liturgy, music & media colliding in time & space.

CHAPEL PRESENTATION @ Pentecostal Theological Seminary

This hour long session was filmed during the chapel service at Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, TN – hosted by Dr. Cheryl Bridges Johns.

The message is for a broader audience of church leaders & theological students. The goal was to expose them to all that is happening in the world of visual worship & to show the potential of creative tools like Environmental Projection.

WORSHIP CLASS @ Biola University

This hour long session was filmed in the music department at Biola University.

The message was designed for an audience of music students & worship leaders. The goal was to introduce them to creative ways to use visual media & projection technology in their worship gatherings. 

A NEW LITURGY: A Conversation On Liturgy, Art & Visual Worship

Stephen Proctor shares his heart and ideas behind visual liturgy in the church and how it goes way beyond text on a screen and powerpoint.

Special Thanks to Aaron Niequist + Chris Walker/Covenant Life Church, Grand Haven Michigan